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About Us

We work with military and emergency service communities to deliver research, programs and training to current and former serving military and emergency service members and their families to optimise and sustain their mental health and wellbeing.

MESHA team

Collaborating is at the heart of our research, training and programs - we work together to fulfil our mission.


  • Incidence/prevalence studies – understanding the size and impact of the issues for service personnel and their families
  • Risk and protective factors for mental health and wellbeing – examining opportunities for resilience, early intervention and prevention
  • Innovative and culturally relevant interventions – programs and interventions that understand service culture and support quality of life including creative arts-based interventions, animal assisted therapies, peer-led skills-based interventions and technology-assisted interventions
  • Roles of and impacts on service families – recognising and understanding the impacts of service on families and their inclusion in support and recovery
MESHA researchers chatting to emergency services personnel


Structured skills-based programs and interventions that are informed, developed, monitored and evaluated using research to improve wellbeing and quality of life of military and emergency services personnel and their families.

Service Families Research Network


  • Lived experience workforce training and development to promote effective access and delivery of programs
  • Industry based student, clinician and early career research training and supervision that provides critical knowledge and skills to undertake high quality applied research, understand military and emergency service culture and families, and provide research and services in a trauma-informed way
  • Collaborating with a range of Australian universities, mental health RTOs, and Industry organisations and stakeholders to grow and provide interdisciplinary training, advice and models for workplace health and wellbeing.
GEARS Program

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We are committed....

We are committed to the highest standards in fundraising practice and we are dedicated to making changes in the lives of military and emergency service personnel and their families.

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Every Moment Matters - The Brave Stories Of Our Defence Heroes

1995 Monthly Giving

Established as Foundation Daw Park 

Military and Emergency Services Health Australia was originally established as Foundation Daw Park in 1995. It was founded by veterans to raise funds for medical research and patient care facilities at the Repatriation General Hospital (RGH) in Adelaide.

2012 Australian defence force personnel at Anzac Day parade

Renamed as The Repat Foundation

The name was changed to The Repat Foundation to align with the RGH and enhance awareness and recognition for the community who understood the importance of the hospital. For 18 years, The Repat Foundation contributed significantly to veteran health and wellbeing through its vision, “Healthy Veterans, Healthy Communities”.

Early 2015 The Road Home Donates to CFS Foundation

Partnering with The Hospital Research Foundation Group

In early 2015, the South Australian Government announced its intention to close the Repatriation General Hospital. After careful consideration by the Board, a partnership with The Hospital Research Foundation Group was formed to build on The Repat Foundation’s formidable legacy of supporting health and wellbeing research and programs for veterans.

Late 2015 hero (2)

The Road Home

The Repat Foundation than launched its national brand “The Road Home” in collaboration with The Hospital Research Foundation Group. The aim was to strengthen its position as a leading national veterans health and wellbeing research organisation and align with the Government’s proposed $15 million Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Centre of Excellence.

2020 Shane bushfires first responder

Military and Emergency Services Health Australia

The Road Home was than reborn as Military and Emergency Health Australia (MESHA). The team focuses on the design and delivery of high quality research and programs that have an immediate and long-term impact on the mental health and wellbeing of current and former military and emergency service personnel, as well as their families.

2022 group photo officers

National Expansion

MESHA has strong relationships with research facilities all over Australia, collaborating on both state-based and national service-specific research projects.
MESHA now delivers MindRight, StoryRight and Group Emotional and Relationship Skills (GEARS) programs face-to-face across the country in Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Brisbane, Townsville, Canberra and Sydney, as well as national online delivery.
MESHA continues to expand our program offering, now delivering the Mental Health First Aid Training across the country.

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