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Our Group

Military and Emergency Services Health Australia (MESHA) is a charity of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.
MESHA group

The Hospital Research Foundation Group supports over 50 areas of medical research and patient care

The team is committed to finding cures, better treatments, and improving care across all South Australian public hospitals. Our Group includes several charities, offering our generous supporters the choice to support causes close to their hearts. So, for every $1 you donate to MESHA, we provide over $5 in grants to life-changing research and programs to improve mental health and wellbeing in the Defence, Emergency Services and Veterans sector.

This means your support of MESHA has an event bigger impact.

Our Promise


Always respect your privacy and never share your data with any other charities.


Keep you updated on the impact and outcomes of your support, in the manner in which you prefer.


Welcome your feedback at all times.


Be open and transparent with how your gifts are used, and use them carefully and cost effectively as you intend.

Thank You

Always say thank you, no matter how big or small your contribution.


As proud members of the Fundraising Institute of Australia, we are required to adhere to the FIA Code of Conduct, in place to raise standards of conduct across the fundraising sector.

Financial Information

The Hospital Research Foundation Group adheres to the highest governance and transparency standards in financial reporting.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s audited financial reports are available in our Annual Report each year, click here to view.

Please note, in 2018 THRF Group moved from financial year reporting to calendar year reporting to better align with medical research funding practice. Therefore, a six-month financial report was produced during the changeover period to cover July 2017 to December 2017.

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