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6th November 2019 Latest News

2018 Environmental Scan of Post-Traumatic Stress Research

2018 Environmental Scan of Post Traumatic Stress Research

The 2018 Environmental Scan of Post-Traumatic Stress Research was commissioned by The Road Home and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress (ACEPTS) as they were aware that a global literature review and research analysis had not been released in recent years.

This comprehensive report focuses on veterans, first responders and their families and highlights emerging research areas, research gaps as well as themes and limitations.

MESHA (formerly The Road Home and ACEPTS)  understand that there is great value in ensuring that researchers who are interested in the cause and treatment of post-traumatic stress have information available to them about what work is being undertaken in this important area. This awareness can facilitate a more efficient global approach in research and treatment of PTS and also identify potential collaborative opportunities.

MESHA intend to regularly undertake this global research review and make it available for broad use.

The full report can be viewed here

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