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26th November 2023 Latest News

Going the distance for mental health awareness


Three South Australian police officers went the extra fundraising mile by running 100km in support of mental health and wellbeing.

Sergeants Mark and Travis, and Constable Cameron embarked on an ultra-marathon journey across Adelaide last year to raise awareness and funds for four charities within the first responder community.

Dubbed ‘Legs Misérables’, the trio from Salisbury Police Station raised an astonishing $12,000 which was shared across MESHA, Headspace, Operation Flinders and Aussie Frontline.

Mark said because of their field, the charities’ work particularly resonated with them.

“The charities were pretty easy to pick because given our job, we have experience with mental health through people we deal with, guys we work with, and our own mental health, so all the
money we raised was going to be around that,” he said.

The ultra-marathon was broken into sections, with the first leg departing from Brighton at 5am and finishing at Henley Beach, before heading up the Linear Trail to Athlestone and back down again.

The trio on their second leg along the Linear Trail.

It was at this point that the bodies started to become battered and weary, with Mark sadly having to retire with a knee injury.

But the spirit of the run was on full display, with Travis and Cameron dropping their pace and helping Mark across the penultimate checkpoint.

On the final leg from Henley Beach to Semaphore via Outer Harbour, Trav and Cameron were joined by about 30 runners for the last 20km, where another 100 supporters cheered them over the finish line at 9pm outside the Palais Hotel.

“It was all about if you are struggling mentally, you don’t try and deal with it on your own, you reach out to your mates, you rally around each other and support each other through it,” Mark said.

“That was really evident in our running, especially when I started to break down, the guys would slow down and there were guys from work that just joined in and ran 15km with me just to keep going.

“Everything that we supported with the charities we reflected on our run.”

Mark thanked all those who supported the boys through donations and on the day, with a particular shoutout to the Palais who provided the venue free of charge and donated $10 from every meal purchased that night.

The trio already have another fundraiser in the works. Head to the ‘@legsmiserables2023’
Instagram profile to keep up with their efforts.

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