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31st January 2023

Legacy going a long way to help veterans

pg 6 Ram Seshadri with MESHA team small size

Associate Professor Ram Seshadri stopped by our office recently for morning tea with staff and a progress update on how his generous donation will help MESHA.

Thanks to Ram’s support, five programs will benefit veterans and their families.

  • The Voice of Light Program, where participants use light painting photography as a medium to tell stories and convey their feelings without words
  • A mindfulness program called Virtual Reality (VR) to aid stress and depression among veterans as inpatients in Jamie Larcombe Centre.
  • An expanded study on assistance dogs for first responders and veterans with PTSD, examining the impacts of the dogs for partners and adult children.
  • Assisting retired firefighters transition to retirement
  • Developing a national framework to support bereaved military and emergency service family members and colleagues after suicide.

Ram’s late wife Prabha had set up a service at the Repat Hospital helping war veterans while Ram also managed veteran patients during his haematology studies.

Ram, who has now remarried Maureen, has been supporting MESHA for many years by funding research grants in his late wife’s name, and is continuing his ongoing support for veterans.

“I am determined to provide service to the veterans as much as possible,’’ Ram said.

“It is my small gesture for acknowledging the contribution made by the veterans.’’

Maureen also spoke about her experience growing up with a veteran father who developed PTSD after fighting in Borneo during the Second World War.

“The 2/48 battalion saw the heaviest fighting in the Pacific War,’’ Maureen said.

“Dad and his mates had to do a beach landing while under live fire.

“Dad saw many friends next to him lose their lives and carried those mental scars for life.

“It is great to know there is help for the children and families as well.’’

Ram and Maureen also asked questions about assistance dogs especially since Boudicca, a Hungarian Viszla is a part of their lives.

“Maureen and I found the assistance dog program very interesting as we embark on training our own assistance dog who will support me now I have reduced mobility,’’ Ram said.

Thank-you Ram from everyone at MESHA.

Your support of our research and program made in Prabha’s name will continue to make a difference to the lives of service men, women, their families and friends.


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