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30th September 2021 Latest News

MESHA Supporter Maxine Opens Up on Her Support

Maxine Supports our service personnel

As a supporter of Military and Emergency Services Health Australia (MESHA), Maxine believes service men and women need our support as they sacrifice so much for our country.

She has also seen the impact this sacrifice can have on a family firsthand, with her mum’s three brothers all serving in the Army. One never returned home from World War II, sadly leaving behind a pregnant wife.

“My mum really wanted to find out where my uncles served and what battalions they were in, especially my uncle who died serving,” Maxine said.

“She researched and discovered that my uncle was buried in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, so she and my dad took a trip there to visit his grave which was very special to her.

“She also put together a scrapbook about his life and gifted it to my uncle’s daughter who never got to meet her father. It was nice to have closure for both my mum and cousin.”

Giving back to our service members

In 2012, Maxine underwent major surgery for a serious condition at the Repat Hospital which is where she heard about The Repat Foundation (now MESHA).

“When I read about the Foundation, I knew it was something well-worth supporting, especially in regard to our veterans,” Maxine said.

Maxine spoke to MESHA’s Supporter Engagement Manager Irene Jones, who updated her on the different ways MESHA is supporting our service men and women and their families through our research and programs.

“It’s lovely to hear from Irene about the impact of my donations. I’m pleased that MESHA also supports emergency service people because they must also suffer trauma from what they do – goodness knows what they’ve experienced,” Maxine said.

Today, Maxine chooses to give to MESHA’s Supporter Plus Program, an initiative where people can choose to donate as individuals or to a larger, more impactful activity.

“I’ve had a fortunate life and I want to help our military and emergency service men and women who are struggling from their service also have a better life. They deserve our support, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.”

If you would like to support MESHA like Maxine, or find out more about our Supporter Plus Program, contact us on (08) 7002 0880 or [email protected]

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