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28th February 2020 Latest News

Q & A with Michael Morgan


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) Michael Morgan is also a member of MESHA of Governors. Michael has kindly shared an insight on being part of The Road Home and what he hopes to achieve in 2020. He also opens up about his stellar career in the MFS.

What about MESHA (formerly The Road Home) makes you most proud?

I am incredibly proud to be part of The Road Home (TRH) and the research and work being undertaken to assist and support our defence personnel and first responders. I am looking to challenge and help improve the current support mechanisms, as well as working to broaden the options available to those that need the assistance most.

What are some things you hope to achieve by being on the board of The Road Home in 2020 and beyond?

I look forward to continuing the great work and research MESHA has been doing while striving to provide innovative programs. I will continue to bring a first responder view to TRH and promote the work of TRH at a national level within the emergency services sector.

As CEO of the MFS, how do you use your role in helping fellow firefighters who may be struggling with their mental health as a result from their service?

I want to assist those that work tirelessly to protect our communities in their time of greatest need. Our defence personnel and first responders provide a service to the community, often at their own personal cost. I want to ensure that personnel are both well prepared and supported for the challenging work they are exposed to.

Throughout your stellar career in the MFS, what have been some highlights for you?

I have been fortunate throughout my career to have spent 20 years on the frontline responding to a wide variety of incidents and the past 14 years working in the area of Mental Health and Wellbeing of our firefighters. A number of significant achievements include the whole of service study on the Health and Wellbeing of MFS Firefighters, and the subsequent development of the MFS Wellness and Safety Department.

Do you have a message to MESHA’s donors and supporters?

I would personally like to thank and acknowledge all donors and supporters of MESHA. Without their generosity, MESHA would not be able to support the current programs provided and fund vital research and wellbeing activities for veterans and emergency service responders. Please continue to support those that sacrifice so much for their communities.

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