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10th November 2020 Events

Remembrance Day Breakfast Exhibition

Rememberance Day

The artworks exhibited as part of the 2020 Remembrance Day Breakfast are also available for viewing via PDF catalogue.

The artworks have been submitted by Australian Veterans, current and past serving Australian Defence Force and Emergency Service Personnel, who have engaged with arts tutor Kaz Pedersen in The Road Home’s Art Trolley Program on the ward. This group-based program has fostered the artistic talent on the ward and helped guide many to find a creative outlet, a focus, a passion, and a new purpose beyond their service.

The Road Home has also partnered with the Adelaide Central School of Art, to generously provide Art scholarships in 2019 and 2020 to  Veterans and one front line nurse, so far, in the form of a short arts course of their choice and the materials needed.

We acknowledge the exhibiting artists, their achievements and participation, and celebrate the positive impact of the Arts to improve health and wellbeing. All artworks are for sale, with 20% commission to The Road Home’s Art Trolley Program, to continue its work at the Jamie Larcombe Centre and beyond.

Exhibition Catalogue

Download the full Exhibition Catalogue for our Remembrance Day Breakfast Exhibition

Download Catalogue

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