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17th September 2023

Welcome Matt! Our newest Ambassador

Matt   Giving Day Hero Panel

MESHA is excited to welcome Matt Brumby as our newest Ambassador, joining the team earlier this year to promote MESHA’s programs.

Matt hopes his lived experience will enable him to engage people in the various programs and assistance that MESHA offers.

Raised in Tasmania, Matt joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1994 at the age of 16. When he was only 22, Matt was on a Navy clearance diver acceptance test, when he collapsed on the beach that resulted in a serious spinal cord injury.

He was discharged the following year, which had a huge impact on his sense of identity.

Matt has since thrived in elite sport and life through the power of positive thinking, goal setting and accessing training and support including through MESHA’s programs.

Matt is a strong advocate for sport because of the role it plays in the development of social and physical skills, as well as the physical and mental benefits.

Matt’s sporting achievements now include Para-Ironman World Champion, Para-Half Ironman World Champion, Invictus Games Captain and Gold Medalist, and motivational speaker.

He also became involved in the VESPA Para Biathlon events, supported by MESHA, via founding director Gary “Curtis” Steiger (pictured above with Matt).

Matt is thrilled to come on board as a MESHA Ambassador.

“My primary role will be engaging the public and talking about the benefits of the programs that MESHA run, also discussing how the program can also train and employ veterans and first responders as peer facilitators, by using their lived experience to deliver courses in a culturally appropriate manner,” he said.

“It’s easy to be part of something you believe in.”

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