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Family and Individual Therapy is a trauma sensitive counselling service that uses various art mediums and processes as tools to explore and express thoughts. The sessions aim to create different pathways to understand the individual’s own trauma and its impact on families. It also helps to effectively recognise and manage symptoms to support participants to have a happier life.

This service aims to build personal growth through learning self-awareness, developing positive coping skills and strategies to improve conflict resolution, and day-to-day problem solving using creative processes and exercises.

This a free service for service members and their family.

What can I expect?

This program is  a one-to-one, person-centered (client-led) non-clinical therapy session (up to 90 minutes). It is a private, confidential and safe place to express and understand personally, the how and why of your current situation. The basis of this work is focused on recovery and growth, and it is not confined to the treatment of individuals with mental and emotional health challenges. It connects us to a natural need to express our inner feelings, with the highest degree of emotional health as a goal.

The session may include using pencils, paint, clay, sand, construction, collage, writing and mindfulness techniques.

Who can attend?

The therapy program is open to all military and emergency service personnel and their families via a simple referral system from a health professional (GP or Mental Health practitioner). Service members may have a diagnosis of service-related Post-Traumatic Stress, depression, anxiety, low mood or simply confusion about transition from service. All records are kept confidential.

The current or former military member or first responder may have a background such as police, firefighter, ambulance, rescue, emergency nurse, corrections officer, CFS / SES.

Family members of these service members can access their own counselling, for example partners or children or the whole family may choose to seek counselling to improve communication and understanding of mental health conditions, family relationships and self care.

Do I need to be good at art?

This is counselling, not an art class to learn how to make art. In fact, art mediums are not essential but sometimes those that have never touched a paint brush before are more likely to be more open to the spontaneous nature of using this modality to doodle and tap into thoughts, expressing them this way rather than verbally.

There is no right or wrong way to do this work, a willingness to explore is all one needs to start.

Session times

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Sessions run up to 90 minutes.


Sessions are available online via Zoom and at Military and Emergency Services Health Australia, Jamie Larcombe Centre, Eucalyptus Lane, Car Park 3, Glenside

Glenside Health Services + Jamie Larcombe Centre Map

For more information please contact us

Email [email protected]  or call (08) 7002 0880

GP Referral

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“I’ve found that Karin and Art Psychotherapy have provided me a safe, gentle and compassionate place where I can begin at somehow begin to put my thoughts and feelings into pictures which brought a greater insight and understanding than to just talk. Thank you for the opportunity to heal” Program participant.

“Art has made a huge difference for our family. When I first sought out the service initially, it was with my 4-year-old daughter in mind but we all now benefit from our individual sessions with Karin. My husband, who has spent a great deal of time in the Jamie Larcombe Veterans Centre recovering from PTSD was the most resistant to giving this intervention a go as it was quite out of his comfort zone and has probably been the one to benefit the most” Program participant.

“Most doctors I meet are very good at their discipline but if the person they are treating doesn’t understand the message or even how it applies to them then the message is lost. Karin has very good insight through the ability to relate to people on different levels and where they are at on their journey. This is a gift” Program participant.

“I find this intervention very helpful as I am a visual person and by putting my emotions and feelings into either pictures and words allows me to visualise how I’m feeling and allows me to deal with them in a much easier manner. I still have a ways to go but it certainly helped me to move forward like no other therapy has! I would highly recommend it for other people especially if you learn visually” Program participant.

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