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MindRight is a one-day program that equips participants with an understanding of their individual identity. This is particular valuable when members are transitioning either within Defence or discharging from service.

Paired with StoryRight these programs become an ideal solution for transitioning members.

The MindRight program specifically targets common challenges veterans experience when leaving the military such as:

  • Feeling socially marginalised
  • Losing a sense of purpose
  • Frustration from a clash between military and civilian codes.
MindRight program

MindRight is a peer-led program which will equip ADF members with the tools to:

  • Understand their current identity
  • Understand the differences between military and civilian values
  • Reflect on shifting values and beliefs
  • Recognise the importance of self care and their support network
MindRight group photo

To be eligible for a place in the program:

Group Bookings

If you are Defence Business Units, Ex-Service Organisations and Veterans’ Groups wanting to make a group booking for up to 12 participants

For bookings please email
[email protected]


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