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Building Operational Resilience Using Simulation Technology

A research project examining the role of mixed reality (MR) as a training support for Australian First Responders

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Opportunities in mixed reality training

This project will engage with Australian first responders, other Emergency Service staff and key stakeholders to identify perceived opportunities in mixed reality (MR) training that could mitigate PTS, whether MR is perceived as a viable tool to be used during training to prepare FR for their role, and if so, the types of scenarios and content perceived to be worthwhile developing across different levels and experiences related to FR roles.

The aims of this project are to:

1. Evaluate whether MR could help in training and preparing FR to undertake their role, including any perceived benefits and challenges associated with the use of such technology in relation to supporting and strengthening the mental health of FR;

2. Better understand the nature, types, content, and language of scenarios that could be developed within an MR platform to help FR prepare emotionally for their role;

3. Trial, evaluate and adapt a pilot MR scenario with FR. Expected tangible outcomes arising from this research include development and evaluation of a trial MR scenario, multiple high-quality peer reviewed research outputs and a report that will inform policy and training considerations within FR organisations.

For more information, please contact Amy Baker: [email protected]

  • Team/Investigators

    Dr Amy Baker (University of South Australia), Associate Professor Ross Smith (University of South Australia), Professor Gaynor Parfitt (University of South Australia), Dr Collette Snowden (University of South Australia), Dr Joanne Zucco (University of South Australia), Dr Leanne Glenny (University of South Australia), Professor Nicholas Procter (University of South Australia), Simon MacDougall (Saab Australia), Karen May (Military and Emergency Services and Health Australia (MESHA))

  • Funding Body

    UNISA Research Themes Investment Scheme (RTIS)

  • Year Commenced


  • Expected Completion Date

    December 2022

  • Contribution

    Industry Partner (Karen May)

  • MeSH Terms

    trauma, mental health, PTSD, emergency service, first responder, firefighter, training, workplace trauma exposure

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