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Process evaluation of the Invictus Pathways Program

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UniSA’s Invictus Pathways Program (IPP), a service program, was originally developed to assist veterans to train for and participate in the Invictus Games. More recently, the scope of the IPP has widened to support and improve wellbeing and facilitate post traumatic growth and recovery among participants who are living with physical and mental health injuries and conditions. This paper describes the components of the IPP and reports its process evaluation.


Underpinned by a pragmatic approach, data related to participant and student involvement in the IPP, the number of participant training sessions, session attendance, program activities and events, and program fidelity were compiled from process documentation that had been collected between 2017 and 2020, inclusive. Following ethics approval, semi-structured interviews were conducted with participants of the IPP, members of their family support network, and university staff to understand the operations of the IPP and satisfaction with the program.

  • Team/Investigators

    Dr Dannielle Post (University of South Australia), Dr Amy Baker (University of South Australia), Associate Professor Steven Milanese (University of South Australia), Suzana Freegard (University of South Australia), Professor Gaynor Parfitt (University of South Australia)

  • Funding Body

    This study is funded by the Hospital Research Foundation, Grant Number: 2017-01-TRH-Retro, Grant Recipient: Professor Gaynor Parfitt, PhD. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

  • Expected Completion Date

    27 November 2023

  • Contribution

    The authors wish to thank Invictus Pathways Program participants and members of their family support network who gave their time and shared their experiences.

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