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Promoting positive mental health in early career emergency services volunteers

A mixed method research study investigating ways to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for young Australian emergency services volunteers aged 16-25.

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This study investigated what can be done at an individual, local and organisation-wide level to minimise the short-and long-term and cumulative impacts of potentially traumatising events (PTE), and promote good mental health and wellbeing for young adult (16-25 year old) volunteers in emergency service organisations.

This study had four components:

1. A literature review regarding current evidence for programs promoting health in young adult emergency services volunteers

2. An environmental scan of emergency services agencies regarding current practices to support mental health of early career volunteers

3. Development of a framework to implement and monitor programs/resources for mental health in early career volunteers

4. Development of a digital toolkit to support the mental health of early career volunteers.

For further information please contact Amanda Taylor: [email protected]

  • Team/Investigators

    Professor Amanda Taylor (University of Adelaide), Associate Professor Miranda Van Hooff (Military and Emergency Services and Health Australia (MESHA)), Professor Sharon Lawn (Flinders University), Dr David Lawrence (The University of Western Australia), Wavne Rikkers (The University of Western Australia), Associate Professor Rachel Roberts (University of Adelaide), Professor Paul Delfabbro (University of Adelaide), Professor Maureen Ashe (University of Adelaide), Professor Alexander McFarlane (Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies (CTSS))

  • Funding Body

    Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and The Hospital Research Foundation Group

  • Year Commenced

    April 2020

  • Expected Completion Date

    May 2021

  • Contribution

    Investigator (Dr Miranda Van Hooff)

  • MeSH Terms

    emergency service, first responder, volunteer, mental health, resources, wellbeing, prevention, early intervention, cumulative trauma

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