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Regeneration: A Trauma Transformation and Disaster Recovery Project

Regeneration is a collaborative response to complex traumas experienced by Australia’s rural communities from drought and bushfires to COVID-19.

Healing K.I.’s mental health scars through creative arts

Our Goals

This unique community-based initiative aims to empower and upskill local creatives (artists, art practitioners, other creatives) to provide ongoing support to bushfire affected communities through the delivery of trauma-informed arts workshops.

  1. To facilitate the development or growth of communities of creative practice in bushfire impacted areas.
  2. To assist with resourcing the creative economy in bushfire impacted communities, in a sustainable and ongoing way.
  3. To provide access to expertise in the design and delivery of creative practice workshops / community projects.
  4. To provide community-based creatives with an understanding of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) principles that they can use to build a workshop environment that is safe for both them and their participants.
  5. To provide an evidence base around the effectiveness of Trauma-informed Art Practice in bushfire affected communities through research and evaluation.

This initiative offers a roadmap for trauma transformation and disaster recovery which could enable rural Australian communities to thrive in the face of adversity.

For more information, please contact the Regeneration team: [email protected]

  • Team/Investigators

    Ian Drayton (University of Canberra), Associate Professor Tony Eaton (University of Canberra), Dr Sam Hinton (University of Canberra), Vahri McKenzie (University of Canberra), Nicole Sadler AM CSC (Phoenix Australia), Assistant Professor Petra Buergelt (University of Canberra), Fiona Smithson (Centre for Creative Health, The Hospital Research Foundation Group), Holly Bowen-Salter (Military and Emergency Services and Health Australia (MESHA)), Karin Foxwell (Centre for Creative Health, The Hospital Research Foundation Group), Jess Bennett (Centre for Creative Health, The Hospital Research Foundation Group)

  • Funding Body

    MagWill Trust (Magda Szubanski, Will Connolly)

  • Year Commenced

    July 2020

  • Expected Completion Date

    EOY 2022

  • Contribution

    Investigator (Associate Professor Miranda Van Hooff), Research Design and Evaluation (Associate Professor Miranda Van Hooff, Holly Bowen-Salter)

  • Article Identifier

    Article Identifier

  • MeSH Terms

    Creative, art, mental health, bushfire, disaster, intervention, psycho-social, community

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