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MESHA is a leader in driving revolutionary research and patient care initiatives that helps current and former serving military members and emergency service personnel and their families.

Current Research

Research and Programs

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, MESHA undertakes and funds research projects into service-related mental health conditions, culturally informed interventions, Art Therapy, families of military members and emergency service personnel and more.

MESHA is committed to providing evidence-based programs and research funding which fits and is directed by the needs of current and former serving military and emergency service personnel and their families.

Through its research, together with the provision of a number of innovative programs, MESHA is dedicated to improving the quality of life and overall functioning of all Australian service personnel.

past research

Research and Publications

We conduct robust, high quality, co-designed, interdisciplinary research with clear translational outcomes guided by and responsive to the immediate and long-term industry needs.

We have a unique focus on research that is co-designed. This means we bring together both research partners and industry stakeholders to aspire towards our vision and achieve our purpose.

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placement and internship program

Placement and Internships

This placement program is designed to introduce final year students to the world of academic research, focusing on defence and emergency service personnel.

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father and son close up

Service Families Research Consortia

Family members of military and emergency service personnel play a fundamental role in supporting the health and well-being of the service member both during service and following transition to civilian life.

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