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Service Families Research Consortia

Family members of military and emergency service personnel play a fundamental role in supporting the health and well-being of the service member both during service and following transition to civilian life.

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Family members of Australian military members and emergency service personnel play a fundamental role in supporting the health and wellbeing of the service member both during service and through-out transition to civilian life. The level of support that can be provided by a family member however is largely dependent on a multitude of factors including the family member’s own health and wellbeing, their attitudes towards and experiences of service life to date, and the strength of the relationship between the service member and the family member.

This is largely dependent on the life stage the families are at as well as the structure of the family. While research into the wellbeing and role of families in supporting the health of the service members is slowly accumulating, there is currently no consolidation of these research efforts among the Australian (or in fact International) academic community.  This makes it very difficult to utilise this research to its full potential and to provide strong evidence based recommendations to inform policy and service delivery. The Service Families Research Consortia comprises a dynamic network of likeminded academics, practitioners and lived experience family members established to create a platform to collaborate on high quality research and service provision for families of current and former serving military and emergency service personnel across the globe.

Australian Members:

  • Dr Galina Daraganova –  South Eastern Melbourne PHN
  • Professor Gaynor Parfitt – University of South Australia
  • Dr Louise Roberts – Flinders University
  • Dr Elaine Waddell – Flinders University
  • Dr Dannielle Post – University of South Australia
  • Dr Sean Cowlishaw – Phoenix Australia
  • Professor Sharon Lawn – Flinders University
  • Miriam Dwyer – Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation
  • Hon. A/Prof Madeline Romaniuk – Australian National University
  • Dr Angela Maguire – Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation
  • Breeanna Till – Open Arms
  • Gwen Cherne – Commissioner for Veteran Family Advocacy,  Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Chris Burns – President, Legacy SA / NT
  • Dr Annabel McGuire – Gripfast Consulting
  • Sandi Laaksonen-Sherrin – Defence Families of Australia
  • Dr Violette McGaw – Lifespan Phycology & Toowong Private Hospital
  • Adrienne Godsmark – Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Dr Sheralyn Rose – Open Arms, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Nikki Jamieson – University of New England

International Partners:

  • Professor Nicola Fear -Kings College London
  • Tish Stropes – Fisher House Foundation
  • Professor Heidi Cramm – Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research (CIMVHR)
  • Professor Cherie Armour – Queen’s University, Belfast

Other Partners:

  • South Australia Local Health Networks (SALHN)
  • Jamie Larcombe Centre Clinical staff
  •  Close the Gaps Trauma Network
  •  Ramsay Health
  •  University of South Australia
  •  Flinders University
  • University of Adelaide
  • RSL Care SA
  • PVS SA
  • Australian Institute of Family Studies
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