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Art Therapy

The only ongoing individualised Art Therapy program in Australia designed specifically for Defence and Emergency Services personnel with Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms and their families.

Art Therapy

Trauma Psychotherapy Plus

Trauma Psychotherapy Plus is a trauma informed psychotherapy counselling service that aims to build personal growth, self-awareness and acceptance, improve problem solving and conflict resolution through the use of visual arts medium by trained Psychotherapist and Trauma Art Therapist Karin Foxwell.

This program is proudly supported by the Centre for Creative Health (CCH), a charity part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group. CCH aims to improve the quality and experience of healthcare through art, music and design; from living a healthy lifestyle, through to prevention, treatment, recovery and end-of-life care.

Who should attend?

If you or a service family member have symptoms of trauma or Post-Traumatic Stress such as; hypervigilance, chronic stress, fear, feeling unsafe, trouble sleeping, avoidance, anger or negative thoughts.

What can I expect?

The program is a one-on-one continuing program which uses a combination of supportive therapeutic non-clinical and safes pace to express and understand personally, the how and why of your current situation.

Do I need to be good at art?

This is not an art class. This program is focused on using the creative process to understand difficult symptoms and emotions and build strategies for individual recovery and growth.


“Doing this program gives you your voice back and allows you to focus on your inner world.”

“Starting these treatment sessions has taken my recovery to a whole new depth – I’m better at dealing with everyday events and my family has noticed a huge change in me.”

“Art Therapy has enabled me to express trauma in a new way which has a visual language. It has enabled me to break through and heal myself from inside out.”

Session times

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Sessions run up to 90 minutes.


Sessions are available online via Zoom and at Military and Emergency Services Health Australia, Jamie Larcombe Centre, Eucalyptus Lane, Car Park 3, Glenside

For more information or to make an appointment please contact:

Karin Foxwell
Trauma Therapist

[email protected]

Jamie Larcombe Centre Art Practice

Talented artist and art tutor Kaz Pederson holds inpatient art practice sessions at the Jamie Larcombe Centre where patients can practice and develop art skills and techniques while exploring the healing potential of art.

This program is held on site Mondays and Thursdays and allows inpatients to engage in a variety of art activities, including drawing, paint pouring, and sculpting. This activity is free for all inpatients to engage with to whatever extent they wish to be involved.

Art Scholarships

MESHA is proud to provide opportunities for Australian military members and emergency service personnel to extend and enhance their creative skills through an annual Arts Scholarship program. The eight scholarships awarded each year enable the recipients to undertake a 10-week short course of their choice (including materials) at the Adelaide Central School of Art, located at Glenside. Our scholarships aim to support participants in learning new skills or improving current techniques so that they can continue to enhance their wellbeing through their art practice. Adelaide Central School of Art’s studio-based short courses are designed for participants of all levels – from beginner learning the basics through to undertaking professional development or refreshing skills as a practicing artist.

For more information, contact us on 08 7002 0880 or email [email protected]

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