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Despite spending years developing a strong work ethic, excelling in stressful decision making and demonstrating a strong understanding of teamwork, many Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel can find it difficult to attain meaningful employment.

StoryRight, the predecessor of MindRight was developed with the intent of helping veterans tell their ‘story’ of military experience in ways that are ‘right’ for the civilian labour market. Upon running StoryRight it became apparent to StoryRight leaders that participants also needed assistant in the emotional and identity side of transition. With that in mind, MindRight was developed in 2019 to provide ex-serving ADF members the tools to successfully undertake the mindset shift from sailor, solider or airmen/woman to civilian.

The one-day MindRight program specifically targets common major problems veterans experience when leaving the military such as

  • Feeling socially marginalised when leaving the military
  • Losing a sense of purpose
  • Frustration from a clash between military and civilian codes.

MindRight is a veteran-led, which will equip ex-serving ADF members with the tools to:

  • Reflect on attitudes and behaviours in civilian workspaces and transfer relevant skills developed from time in the military
  • Increase cultural awareness of how to portray themselves when seeking employment
  • Engage in post-discharge planning
  • Separate themselves from military life to civilian life.

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